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Corporate team building events conducted for Accenture, Ernst & Young, Interstate Batteries, Capital One, Coppell Rotary Club, TJ Maxx, Synerzip, Alcuin Montessori Women's group, Essilor USA, CLS Partners, Toyota, Fluor, Dallas Junior League, City of Addison — and many others.


"Had a fabulously educational afternoon with a great group of people and a very knowledgeable chocolatier. I highly recommend this experience to anyone with an interest in the origins and varietals of chocolate. A+!"

"Excellent class! We have since made two of the recipes from the class and both were easy to follow and turned out great."

"I want to give you a HUGE thanks for your awesome presentation at our meeting Wednesday night! Everyone that was there kept stopping by and saying how much they loved your talk and the truffles were AMAZING. You were definitely the highlight of our entire meeting!"

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“Chef Zach was very helpful, and answered any questions asked.”

“Zach’s knowledge is thorough and he communicates it in such an easy manner.”

“One of the best cooking classes I have taken.”

"I really enjoyed the baking fundamentals class last week.  Even though I understand most of the basics of baking and chocolate I still gained a lot of new knowledge about baking and ingredients (I came home and checked the age of my eggs, then I checked their age at my mom's over Thanksgiving, then a friend's over the weekend.)  For my friends who joined me for the class, I believe they really learned quite a bit and they are encouraged to do more baking.  It was a great class and awesome experience and I have no fear making my buche de noel for my family's Christmas eve.  Thank you. "

“Zach is thorough and responds well to any questions.”

"I wanted to let you know that my friend made the lemon tarts over the weekend and her family loved them.  The 15 yr old daughter watched and helped with making the little tart shells and the tarts were all finished when the 18 yr old daughter came in from her weekend job.  She saw them and asked where they came from.  She replied that she made them but her daughter insisted someone else must have made them.  Her younger sister verified that she did make them.  Both girls were very impressed with her baking skill.  She told me she had never whipped cream ("from scratch") and she found it was really easy and tasted great.  She wouldn't have done any of that if she hadn't taken the class last week.  Now she is going to make the flourless cake and is confident that she can also make the whipped cream filling." 

"Loved Zach. Very Knowledgeable and personable."

"Zach, this was a lot of fun and we all loved it! I ate most of the truffles on the way home <grin> but managed to save 2 for my husband (he loved them and wants more!). I will let you know when I make them myself. THANK YOU!!!"

"One of the best classes I've ever taken with my friends."

"I never knew there was so much to learn about chocolate. Thanks for the great class. Next time I was in Central Market at the chocolate isle it finally all made sense. I bought the chocolate you suggested and it's wonderful. My team thanks you for such a fun time!"

"It was a great date night for us, so thanks again for the fun time."

"Zach my mom and I loved the course. I can't believe she actually learned to love dark chocolate and appreciate chocolate from beginning to end. We are looking forward to taking the fundamentals of baking course with you."

"Loved it!"

"My new daily snack now is a great chocolate with a great wine! Thanks, we learned a lot!"

"The baking fundamentals course was a lot of fun and I learned much more than expected. Now I have more confidence when baking for my very picky family! Watching you use the vanilla bean was worth the whole class to me."

"Chef Zach has been great because not only was the class fun but he also helps me out anytime I text him with a chocolate question. I feel part of his special chocolate circle now :)"

"Thank you very much! The class was really good and everybody is happy! :)"

"Thanks, Zach! We loved the class!"

"I tried the recipe at home. The roulade turned about perfect and I made it with the chocolate whipped cream you showed us. My aunt said it was a like she was on a chocolate cloud. :) She wants to take a class now. THANK YOU!"

"Zach, we had a great time, thank you!"

"I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your course Sat. afternoon.  I loved that we actually got to see the cacao pod and taste the raw cacao--as well as the wonderful chocolates that you chose.  I am looking forward to making the cake and trying the one in the Cake Bible.  Having a small class in your lovely home made things feel very welcoming.  Thanks again."

"Just wanted to say thanks again for a great event today. Definitely enjoyed it! Will recommend it to friends! This was a great experience into the world of chocolate."

"We had a great time!"

"We had a great time learning about chocolates, tasting chocolates and making truffles!"

"I enjoyed my session with you! It was very informative and gave me more insight into the chocolate world. I am looking forward to using the techniques we discussed and defining my product line more."

"Zach I really loved the class and learned a lot more about chocolate than I expected. Thanks for the surprise chocolates from Paris!"

"My mom and I loved your class so much. We went to Central Market right after the class and stocked up on chocolate before the prices go up! :)"

"This was a great experience, Zach. THANK YOU!!!"

"Thanks Chef Zach. We learned a lot in the baking fundamentals class. Just learning about the flours paid for the class!"

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