Dallas Chocolate Classes Best Baking Classes in Carrollton Texas

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“Zach had a wealth of knowledge about the class he taught. It was fun and engaging. Will be coming back.” — Tripadvisor Reviewer

“Had an amazing time. We focused on everything I wanted to learn and I can't wait to go back again for another class. I highly recommend this class.” — Tripadvisor Reviewer

Learn to make sumptuous chocolate mousses, chocolate cakes, and more!

Learn to make sumptuous chocolate mousses, chocolate cakes, and more!

Dallas Chocolate Classes is rated a best baking class in carrollton, TX!

Dallas Chocolate Classes offers relaxed and informal baking classes for all levels, taught by expert baker and chocolatier Zach Townsend in nearby Carrollton, TX.

Expand your knowledge and enthusiasm for chocolate in these unique chocolate-centric baking classes. The chocolatier will share all his tips, tricks, and knowledge from over twenty-five years of working with chocolate. Learn to make sophisticated chocolate desserts, molded chocolate bonbons, chocolate cakes, chocolate tarts, or sumptuous chocolate mousses — to name a few! In these unique baking classes you can learn how to properly use chocolate in the kitchen and learn how to select the best chocolates available by the world's best chocolate makers while sharpening your baking skills.