Dallas Chocolate Classes offers unique and fun chocolate and truffle making and chocolate baking classes in Dallas and surrounding suburbs. Our classes include public, couple and private events in Dallas and surrounding suburbs.

How are the classes booked?:

Just visit the HOME PAGE or select the type of experience you’re looking for from the categories in the Menu.

1. CHEF’S HOME EXPERIENCES (for 3 to 6 people): These are for private groups and are great for special occasions with friends, family, or co-workers for team building, birthdays, bachelorette parties, and so on, and can be booked by groups as a minimum of 3 people and up to 6, depending on the class (some are limited to 4 maximum). For a detailed description and pricing information on the Chef’s Home Experiences, just click the Group Experiences option from the MENU or HOME PAGE.

2. ONSITE CHOCOLATE MAKING ACTIVITIES & EVENTS (for groups of any size, large or small). These have no minimum participants, but instead have a minimum price. The larger the group, the more the cost per person decreases. These can be booked instantly online by paying the minimum as a deposit. Just select the experience and date from the calendar, complete the details, and Chef Zach will follow up with you within 24 hours about all the logistics of planning the event. The events are designed to be set up in any space and to be easy set up and tear down, leaving you as the host with minimal effort. And what’s even better, no kitchen space is required (except for the Hands-On Chocolate Dessert Making). If you need a venue space, please inquire. Chef Zach works at many venues or he can come to your space to save you time and money.

3. PRIVATE LESSONS: The default start time for private lessons is 1 p.m. and last for 2 hours (there may be some flexibility with your start time given the rest of Chef Zach’s schedule for that day). Topics for the private lessons are designed for one or two people only and the topics covered are customized just for you. Chef Zach will work with you to choose the topics you want to cover and the amount of time needed, or he can suggest topics. These classes are sold in 2-hour increments per day and can be for kids and/or adults. Depending on what you want to learn, it may be necessary to schedule more days over time, which Chef Zach can help you determine.

4. PRIVATE COUPLES CLASSES: These are shorter classes centered around one chocolate-themed recipe. They are designed to be relaxing and easy and teach you the basics of making a delicious chocolate dessert together, one that you can both make at home no matter your skill level. They hold a maximum of two couples (A “couple” can be defined as any two adults — romantic couple, friends, co-workers, etc.; there is no determined definition!) Up to 2 couples may book into the class, so if you prefer to have a class alone as 1 couple, the 2-hour private lesson for two would be your best option. Bring a bottle of wine if you wish, for a fun, relaxing time learning about chocolate and a new recipe together!

5. CHOCOLATE FONDUE TO YOU!: This is a great option for friends and families gathered together looking for a unique experience without leaving home. Chef Zach will bring a fondue kit (each kit feeds up to 6 people) with seven different chocolate dippers (organic fruits and classic + contemporary dessert dippers) to you, two fondue pots, and all the needed materials, per the description on the website. He’ll quickly prepare everything onsite and leave you to enjoy the party! The kits with a few equipment pieces will be picked up for free the next day.

Class/Event Times:

  • CHEF’S HOME/PRIVATE LESSONS/COUPLES CLASSES are available Monday to Saturday. Start times are noted on the event or class descriptions. Some private groups and private lessons may have flexibility with their start times depending on the class schedule for that day.

  • At this time, Chocolate Fondue to You! is available 7 days/week, depending on your requested start time.

  • ONSITE CHOCOLATE MAKING ACTIVITIES & EVENTS are available Monday to Saturday and start times are at your request. Just Just submit your information online and you’re all set! If your event is taking place on a Sunday, Chef Zach may be able to accommodate you. Just call or text 214-289-5419 or write zach@dallaschocolateclasses.com to discuss your Sunday event needs.


  • CHEF’S HOME/PRIVATE LESSONS/COUPLES CLASSES: These private classes take place in Chef Zach’s always pet-free home (see "Why are the Small Classes Held in the Chef's Home?" below for more details) located near the Addison, TX area. (View Google Map) where all the equipment and ingredients are easily accessed and organized for a smooth class.

  • ONSITE CHOCOLATE MAKING ACTIVITIES & EVENTS/CHOCOLATE FONDUE TO YOU!: These events can take place at any venue. These are very mobile and can come to your location with ease: a private home, an office conference room, a rented venue. All that is needed generally is a long table or counter and an outlet and voilà the event is ready to go! A kitchen space is NOT required (except for the Hands-On Chocolate Dessert Making). Travel charge: A small travel charge of either $15 or $25 is added for distances more than 10 miles beyond 1626 Banbury LN, Carrollton, TX. These travel charges are mentioned in the event descriptions where applicable.

Dallas Chocolate Classes Onsite Chocolate Making Activities & Events and Chocolate Fondue to You! are designed to come to you to help save on venue costs. However, if you’d like or need a venue, that can be arranged, too. For your convenience, here are some recommended venues (please note that venue rental and prices will be in addition to Dallas Chocolate Classes prices; these additional costs can range from $350 to $500, depending on the venue).


Payments can be easily processed online through the online booking system. Any credit/debit card payments are accepted. The system charges a small booking fee (not collected by Dallas Chocolate Classes) during checkout. You can avoid this fee by processing your card payment over the phone or using Venmo, Paypal, or the Cash App for payment.

A deposit for the Onsite Chocolate Making Activities & Events (fully refundable if more than 48 hours out from the start time) can be processed instantly online to secure your requested date. In some cases, Chef Zach can arrange accepting checks. Groups can request an invoice, too, to go along with their payment. Payment can also be arranged via Paypal, Venmo, or Cash App. Mail checks to Zach Townsend 1626 Banbury LN, Carrollton, TX 75006. Returned checks will be subject to an NSF charge of $45.00. IMPORTANT: Please be sure to read the cancellation policy below. 

Gift Certificates/Gift Cards:


Gift certificates (aka gift “vouchers” or gift “cards”) are available to be purchased electronically here for any dollar amount and can be applied to any of the classes or events. Once you begin your purchase online, you can enter a personalized message before emailing it to your recipient. The recipient will receive a code to apply (by simply copying and pasting it) online to any of the classes or experiences. Gift vouchers are non-refundable but are good for five years. If you would like to have a physical certificate (a glossy printed post card with an area for you to write information to your recipient) sent to you to present to your recipient or to have the certificate mailed directly to your recipient, please provide the address during checkout where the certificate should be mailed and Chef Zach will be happy to mail that for you. Please note that a PREMIUM PHYSICAL GIFT CARD is an additional $5 to process and can be purchased online during the purchase of the gift voucher as an optional “add-on.”


It’s easy for your recipient to use an electronic gift voucher. The value can be applied toward any class or experience. When booking online, the recipient will just copy and paste the electronic gift code s/he receives into the “apply a gift card” link/field located near the pricing field when checking out. The value will automatically be deducted. If there are any remaining amounts, the recipient would then just use a credit/debit card to complete the booking. For the PREMIUM PHYSICAL GIFT CARD, these are not printed with a code. However, you can purchase the gift card online, enter your information as the recipient, present your recipient with the physical card, then forward the e-card with the code to your recipient at a later time for him/her to use online.

Age Requirement:

Couples Classes are for ages 18 and older. Chef’s Home Experiences may include kids since these are private groups. Couples/Groups bringing wine must be 21 years or older. The Private Lessons may include kids (chaperons must accompany minors).

Dallas Chocolate Classes - “Friends” List (Mailing list):

If you would like to be added to Chef Zach’s e-mail list for occasional free recipes, pro tips, new class announcements, or chocolate and baking news, just use the pop up form on the Home page or the e-mail field in the footer of each page. Your e-mail will be used for no other purposes other than occasional chocolate-centric announcements directly from Chef Zach. It’s easy to subscribe, or unsubscribe, at any time.

Dallas Chocolate Classes - Chocolate Connoisseurs Apron

Learn how you can earn your “I’m a Chocolate Connoisseur” apron! Click here.

Cancellation and Refund Policy:

Life happens, so sometimes you need to rebook a class or event. Chef Zach’s goal is to always work with you and to give you flexibility if classes or events need to be rescheduled due to unforeseen circumstances.

PRIVATE LESSONS/COUPLES CLASSES: Refunds cannot be issued for these classes. However, there is no limit on the number of rebookings for the class you can request. Just send Chef Zach an e-mail, call, or text, and he’ll be happy to work with you to rebook your class at a time that’s right for you at any time in the future.

CHEF’S HOME EXPERIENCES/ONSITE CHOCOLATE MAKING ACTIVITIES & EVENTS: If all participants cancel more than 48 hours prior to the start time, a full refund can be issued. If all participants cancel 48 hours or less of the start time, no refund can be issued (however, if the class/event can be rescheduled within 7 days or less of the original start time, the cost can be applied toward the new date). No refunds can be issued for individual participants who cancel within 48 hours or less of the start time (cancellations or no-shows) if the class/event continues as planned. Chef Zach works closely with groups up to their start time to finalize their RSVPs to ensure they only pay for the anticipated number of participants.

CHOCOLATE FONDUE TO YOU!: This experience is fully refundable if all participants cancel more than 48 hours prior to the start time. If the experience is cancelled 48 hours or less of the requested start time, a refund can be issued minus a $45 nonrefundable fee (to cover freshly purchased ingredients.)


Just e-mail Chef Zach at zach@dallaschocolateclasses.com, or call or text 214-289-5419, and he’ll choose a new date with you. You can rebook as many times as you need. See the “Cancellation and Refunds” policy above.

Why are the small classes (1 to 6 people) located in the chef's home?

Chef Zach has held almost 500 small classes in his home! After a period of time conducting classes in culinary facilities, he realized there were several advantages for his guests to moving the small classes into his home:

  1. His equipment is what home cooks and home-based businesses use. Chef Zach wants his students to see that everything can be produced using easy-to-access ingredients and normal kitchen equipment. You’ll feel more confident about baking and working with chocolate in your own home if you recognize the equipment and ingredients being used. Chef Zach’s home kitchen has everything and more you'll ever need in the world of chocolate and baking. If special equipment is needed for a particular task that interests you, he’ll share with you where you can purchase it.

  2. Prices for the classes are lower/equipment is better: Commercial kitchens are expensive and they sometimes have substandard equipment and lack the budget for the highest quality ingredients. They usually buy only bulk ingredients that you, as a normal consumer, would not have access to. By hosting the classes in his home, the prices for the classes are lower and the ingredients used in the kitchen are much better and more familiar to you.

  3. Chef Zach’s home (always pet free) is a considerably more comfortable environment for you. In his home environment where everything is under his control (temperature, ambiance, serving wine or spirits) you will be more at ease! Bring a bottle of wine if you'd like; Chef Zach will be happy to cork it and pour you a glass while we learn all about chocolate!

Allergen Statement

Chef Zach’s kitchen uses ingredients which are common allergens to some people: eggs, peanuts/tree nuts/nut flours, milk, soy, etc. Chef Zach does teach customization for some special diets (a few vegan recipes, gluten-free recipes, and teach the vegan aspects of chocolate), but the items you will make may have exposure to these other ingredients in the kitchen. If you have any food allergies, please inquire before registration.