Chocolate Connoisseurs

We offer chocolate-centric classes and events in chocolate tastings, truffle making, chocolate bonbon making, baking classes, and corporate events in the Dallas and Forth Worth mextroplex.


Connoisseur [kon-uh-sur, -soo r]:  "A person who is especially competent to pass critical judgments in an art, particularly one of the fine arts, or in matters of taste. A discerning judge of the best in any field."

After noticing many of my students were returning to take all of my classes, I created this "Hall of Fame" as reward and recognition for their achievement, and to serve as a little bit of bragging rights to friends and family. In addition to the option of being featured here, each student is rewarded with his/her own "I'm a Chocolate Connoisseur" embroidered apron that proudly displays this special accomplishment!

There are two ways to earn your Chocolate Connoisseur apron:

  1. Complete ALL of the small-group classes plus one 3-hour private course. Each group-only class is designed to cover a particular aspect of working with and enjoying chocolate. Once you complete all four group courses, you will have covered every important topic -- from learning about the "bean to bar" concept, refining one's chocolate taste preferences and understanding chocolate's flavor profiles, to understanding the principals of baking with fine chocolate, making fabulous ganaches and mousses, and discovering chocolate tempering techniques.

  2. Complete TEN HOURS of private instruction under the "Private Lessons" option, covering the topics of your choice.

  3. Complete ALL SIX Date-Night classes for 1 apron per couple.

EARN YOUR CHOCOLATE CONNOISSEUR APRON by signing up for your first class today!

John and Margarita Ok

John is an anesthesiologist who loves the science behind working with chocolate. He enjoys making chocolate mousse for his wife. Margarita's favorite class was the chocolate tasting. She particularly enjoys Scharffen Berger 70%.

Lindsey Beam   Lindsey is a Director of Client Relations by profession and her favorite chocolate is Valrhona

Lindsey Beam

Lindsey is a Director of Client Relations by profession and her favorite chocolate is Valrhona